My quarantine diaries: week one


What a bloody week eh?!

I thought since we’re all living through something momentous, it might be nice to document how it goes week by week. Think of yourself, dear reader, as the Wilson to my Castaway. 

I’m still working, so the amount of time when I’m required to entertain myself is fairly limited. But here are some of the things I’ve discovered this week which have actually turned this into a pretty positive experience (let’s see what I think in a few weeks’ time!).

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My favourite books of 2019

2019 was a year of reading for me. After a good few years of drought, I found my love of books again and I read or listened to 24 of them altogether.

The below list isn’t ground breaking and there’s nothing you won’t have come across if you’re up on your bestseller lists (or, frankly, if you listen to The High Low podcast – where I get most of my recommendations!). But if you’re looking for your first read for 2020, here are five of my favourites…

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How to handle rain on your wedding day

Ah, weather. The British are obsessed by it. And it can be a cruel mistress – no matter what time of year you get married, you could find yourself dodging showers (or downpours in our case!).

Given the 2018 we had weather-wise, and the summer-like October days that came after our wedding, we were incredibly unlucky to get heavy rain for most of the day and balmy 9 degree temperatures. But it wasn’t a disaster!

So, if you’re obsessively checking the weather forecast and it ain’t looking good, here’s my advice.

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