Diary of a lazy girl #2: Fitbit Zip review

Fitness trackers are one of the year’s big health trends, and the Fitbit Zip is the perfect introduction.

The Zip is one of the cheapest trackers at around £45. It’s a small tamagotchi type device, which comes with a rubber clip so you can wear it under your clothes rather than flaunting a wristband.


Primarily the Zip is all about steps. It counts these and calculates mileage and calorie burn, based on your height and weight. There’s also an emoji which gets happier the more active you are.

You can sync your Zip to most newer mobile devices via Bluetooth. The free app is where the tracker comes into its own – showing you your performance over time and letting you enter challenges with Fitbit-owning friends. You can log food, exercise and water intake as with most fitness apps.


So why buy a tracker rather than use a free app? The beauty of a wearable is that it’s with you all the time, logging every step without relying on you taking your phone everywhere.

I’ve had my Zip for almost a year, and it’s definitely encouraged me to be more active. It’s small size, well-designed app and long battery life (6 months) all make the Fitbit Zip a great choice if you’re looking to take your first step into tracking.

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