Diary of a lazy girl #3: getting fit in 2015

The start of a new year is the time most people choose to try and make healthy lifestyle changes. But how can you make sure you’re not a gym-class drop out by February? Here’s what has helped in my quest to become a slightly less lazy girl:

1) Find time for fitness in your weekly routine

Having specific days for exercising really helped me stick to my schedule. Rather than exercising ‘when you have time’, decide which days are your work out days and stick to it as best you can. This way you know what you’re doing and it soon becomes a habit. Going to the same classes each week works well.

2) If at first you don’t succeed…

I’m rubbish at running and can’t tell right from left in a dance class. The trick is to keep going until you find something you enjoy. If you try something and it isn’t for you, shrug it off and try again.

3) Go when you don’t feel like it

If you’re laid up with flu, you can’t go to the gym. But don’t talk yourself out of going just because you’re tired/it’s cold/the cat might get lonely. This is a slippery slope. Make yourself go and chances are, you’ll feel better for it.

4) Recognise your progress

Whatever your chosen discipline, if you stick at it you will see an improvement. It took six months of regular yoga for me to touch my toes – but slow progress is still progress.

5) Be your own Oprah

A little bit of positive self-talk goes a long way, especially half-way up the imaginary incline in your spinning class. I like to put on my best cheesy Oprah voice and tell myself “if you BELIEVE, you can ACHIEVE.” You might want to do this in your head if you don’t want to look unhinged at the gym, but it works. You go, girl!

So there you have it – five definitely not expert tips! May your gym membership last beyond January 31…

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