Starting a scrapbook

I have a nerdy admission to make. I keep a scrapbook.

I’ve wanted to do a scrapbook for years. Being a perfectionist stopped me from ever getting started – I would overthink it too much and be afraid to make a mistake.

I recently discovered the concept of a ‘smashbook’, and I’ve finally overcome my need for things to be perfect. The idea is to whack things in without thinking too much. A brand called K&Co make loads of products to make this type of scrapbooking foolproof.

The K&Co Smash Book has pre-designed pages, so making nice looking pages is really easy. There are quotes and designs to give you inspiration for what to do with each page.

I’ve really enjoyed using my Smash Book. It’s a great way to display your memories and also a fun creative activity. I love the ‘messy and beautiful’ ethos. Life isn’t perfect, and neither is a scrapbook!

Have you thought about keeping a scrapbook? Do you do creative activities to unwind?

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