Made in Britain: Tatty Devine

British brand Tatty Devine first came to my attention as a teenager. Their plectrum jewellery appealed to me – the kid wearing a charity shop blazer and tie over a Franz Ferdinand t-shirt.

Tatty Devine have grown up a little since then (thankfully, so have I). But they still make handmade, playful jewellery, in their workshops in London and Kent.

There’s no doubt the brand is an acquired taste. But for every person who wouldn’t dream of wearing an oversized pink telephone round their neck, there’s a legion of Instagram super fans. 

Personally, I love the attention grabbing designs. They’re a guaranteed conversation starter, whether you’re just out shopping or meeting racing legend Nigel Mansell (true story).

My absolute favourite is the La Luna necklace – an oversized, pearlescent moon. It’s as subtle as it sounds, and a devil to photograph as it looks different in every light. Here’s a rubbish selfie of me wearing it.

What do you think to Tatty Devine? Would you go plastic fantastic?


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