Home heroes: stylish storage


Storage isn’t usually something we make a feature of, but when I saw these boxes in TK Maxx I knew they would keep things tidy and look great at the same time.

They look fab on a shelf or desk, and serve double duty by keeping your surfaces clear of clutter.

I’m a big fan of hand written quotes, and these stay just the right side of the uplifting/cheesy divide. There’s certainly something to be said for surrounding yourself with positive words.
Finding an exact item in TK Maxx is always tricky, but my local store had a whole aisle of these beauties. 

There were boxes which were like little chests, and even ones which looked like books but had a sneaky space for all your nick naks. If you like to have all your bits and pieces close at hand but neatly stored away, you can’t go wrong with these.

I got both of my boxes for just under £9. If you’re feeling crafty, you could make your own version for next to nothing, by covering an old shoe box in wrapping paper or leftover wallpaper.

How do you store your bits and bobs?

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