Picture this: a month in photos

It’s amazing how often we snap away without remembering. Chances are your phone’s photo library is a great snapshot of what you get up to day to day. Here’s my last month(ish) in pics from my camera roll…

Top row (left-right): 1. My start of the year reading material. Check out my review of Reasons to Stay Alive. 2. Loving my Tatty Devine and scarf combo 3. When your mocha is too pretty to drink.

Middle row: 1. My proudest crochet creation to date! 2. Three wicks are better than one. 3. Tea and wool is my life.

Bottom row: 1. The best creme brûlée 2. Finally getting back into keeping fit after Christmas. 3. A little peek at my latest project.

Instagram: @ninabird21

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