Reasons to love yoga

Ever since I first wrangled myself into down dog about ten years ago, I’ve loved yoga. Here’s why…

It’s medicine for the mind

My yoga class is often the only time of the week I feel truly relaxed. Yoga practise is mindful, because you’re in the moment and in touch with how you’re feeling. I find this much easier than out and out meditation, where I tend to get distracted. By the end of the class my mind is still enough to enjoy the guided meditation, where we visualise floating away in a little bubble. It’s a bit Gwyneth Paltrow, but it works.

You can’t win or lose

As a competitive person, this was hard to get my head around. But yoga isn’t about being the best in the room, it’s about your best. Once I got over the fact that I couldn’t win at yoga (I tried), I found that freeing.

It’s a broad church

Of all the classes I’ve tried, yoga has the biggest mix of people. Older people, people with injuries or mobility challenges, and – unlike my other gym classes – a fair few men. The beauty of yoga is its adaptability, so you can stay at whatever level you’re happy at.

You can peek into another culture

Yoga is an ancient practice from the east. It’s very much at odds with the Western culture of consumerism and instant gratification. There’s a lot more to yoga than the poses we’re so familiar with, and I find that fascinating.

Are you a fan of yoga?

6 thoughts on “Reasons to love yoga

  1. Nia says:

    I love Yoga, it’s so relaxing. Admittedly I’m a fair weather yoga girl, I go through weeks where I don’t bother and other weeks where I do it every day – but I really should keep it up more because I never regret going to a class 🙂


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