Paperchase pick-me-ups

For those of us who work in an office, a Pinterest-worthy desk is nothing but a pipe dream.

It might not be all white paint and inspiring prints, but you can still bring a bit of fun to your workspace.

I do this with my stationery, which I always try to make as fun and colourful as possible. Last week I decided it was time to spruce things up a bit, so I made an online order at Paperchase.

I’ve been looking for a mug to take to work for ages. This one was in the sale, and is so cute that it’s sure to make me smile every time I have a cuppa. The handle is a bit on the small side, but my hands are the size of a small child’s.

I also got this colourful toucan notebook to bring a touch of the exotic to grey Mondays. I always buy my own notebooks, as they’re the easiest way to cheer up your workspace.

Last but by no means least, this aubergine pen joins my small but growing collection of comedy writing instruments. Perhaps not one for serious meetings, but this will definitely make writing my to do list more enjoyable.

How do you make your workspace more exciting?

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4 thoughts on “Paperchase pick-me-ups

  1. Nia says:

    Love the Aubergine pen! I love a good paperchase haul. I always get my diary there (2013 was the year of the hot pink flamingo…) and you can never, ever have too many notebooks ๐Ÿ™‚

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