New kid on the block


Danish store Søstrene Grene chose Nottingham for its first store in the UK. I’m a big fan of all things Scandi, so I was excited to see what Søstrene Grene would be like.

It’s fair to say I wasn’t disappointed. This super stylish store took me right back to my trip to Copenhagen a couple of years ago.

Like fellow Danish store Tiger (and IKEA for that matter), it has a loop layout which leads you round the whole store. The displays at Søstrene Grene are floor to ceiling, so you can’t always tell where you are and feel like you’re being led through a Scandinavian wonderland.

Everything is unbelievably cheap – you could kit your home out Danish-style for next to nothing.

I especially liked the stationery, and picked up a few notebooks for the princely sum of 47 pence each. They are only little, but I thought they’d be great to throw in a bag just to make sure you always have somewhere to jot things down.

Aside from the stationery there was lots of ombre earthenware, and wire baskets galore. If you like Scandi style, Søstrene Grene is definitely the place to head for.

Are you a fan of Danish design?

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