Spring style: the casual dress

It’s fair to say that I felt as uncomfortable posing for these photos as my other half did taking them (“just point it at me and press the button!”). I’m certainly no style blogger.

You might have noticed that I try to keep my ordinary person’s face off here and social media as much as possible. So why did I put all this aside to post about clothes?

Well, it’s because I love this dress. I’ve been having a hard time shopping lately – I’m 5’2 and go through phases where nothing seems to fit right. I bought this online and was extremely nervous that it would hang in an unflattering manner somewhere around my knees, but it fits perfectly.

I bought this on Asos but it’s actually by Jack Wills. I have never even been into a Jack Wills shop as their brand doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest – but there is just something about this dress.

It’s one of those items you can wear for any occasion and never feel over or underdone. It’s incredibly flattering (even after eating a LOT of mezze) and for the perpetually cold (me), it has the added bonus of 3/4 length sleeves. To me it is perfection made up in jersey – simple, but effective.

The only slight downside is the price. Even with 20% off it came in at an eye watering £47.50. But hey, you can’t put a price on feeling good.

Do you have a favourite ‘simple but effective’ outfit?

7 thoughts on “Spring style: the casual dress

  1. Thea says:

    Looks perfect, especially with the boots jacket combo. Thumbs up from me. Nice to see your face too! 😊 .

    My go-to outfits are a very uninteresting good pair of jeans and a shirt everytime – normally some sort of loose/cosey boyfriend style fit. Totally shirt obsessed, but you can find one for every occasion! How could I not?

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