Nottingham’s best: Annie’s Burger Shack

If you live in Nottingham, Annie’s Burger Shack will need no introduction. The humongous burgers are a city staple and getting a table at Annie’s often requires a small act of wizardry.

I’ve been to Annie’s about half a dozen times now, and I’ve enjoyed munching my way through their huge menu. From the roast dinner burger to a burger topped with pancakes, bacon and maple syrup, these burgers are anything but boring.

That said, on this visit I went for a simple option. Since it was only midday I didn’t fancy a belly-busting burger, so I opted for a hotdog instead. It wasn’t the most exciting thing I’ve eaten at Annie’s, but it was still very tasty and a bargain lunch at only £6.90.

I also had a cocktail from the summer drinks menu, which was delicious. I went for the Broadway Summer Garden which was a lovely refreshing gin-based cocktail.

My all-time favourite Annie’s burger is the Kogumaza, which is a combination of satay and coconut. Delicious!

Annie’s also has a bar downstairs where you can play table football and drink root beer (or actual beer) to your heart’s content. I’m not a beer drinker myself but I’m reliably informed that there’s a great selection.

If you’re ever in Nottingham I would highly recommend a visit to Annie’s – just make sure you book a few weeks in advance!

7 thoughts on “Nottingham’s best: Annie’s Burger Shack

  1. Emily says:

    I’ve been to Nottingham a few times and I love it for shopping. However now you’ve shown me this, I think I might have to try out the food more! My mouth is positively watering, that burger looks divine! I need!

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