How I blog on an iPad

This is going to be a love or hate post. It might seem odd, but I know lots of people (me included!) are interested in how other people blog. Here’s how I do it…

I haven’t had a laptop for about five years now. Since getting an iPad I just didn’t find it necessary any more. So, whether I like it or not, everything for my blog has to be done on my phone or iPad.

First, I write all of my posts in the Notes app – usually on the iPad, but sometimes on my phone if I’m out and about. The beauty of this is that I can carry on with posts wherever I am. My phone and iPad sync, so when I get home I can finish off drafts I started on the go.

Next up, I paste the text into a new post on the WordPress app. I chose WordPress for my blog partly because people said it had a better app than Blogger. I do find the WordPress app pretty good and easy to use. It’s a shame you can’t add the ‘read more’ link from the app – I always have to go to the desktop site to do that.

The best thing I ever bought for blogging is the lightning memory card reader. This means I can get my photos from my camera to my iPad. Once I’ve transferred them, I use Afterlight to edit my photos. I usually just crop them and brighten them, or adjust the colours slightly if they haven’t come out true to life.

I am thinking of getting a laptop soon, because I’d like to go self hosted and will need to be able to do more behind the scenes on my blog. That said, I’m sure I will still do lots of my posts on the iPad – it’s such a quick and easy way to blog.

Have you ever done a post on an iPad?

6 thoughts on “How I blog on an iPad

  1. hannahemilylane says:

    This was really interesting to read as I’m going backpacking for around a month this summer and won’t be taking my laptop. I was wondering whether I could blog from my iPad as I don’t want to neglect my little space for 4 weeks! The biggest issue I thought I’d have was photos, I didn’t realise you could buy a lightning card reader! Will definitely be looking into that:)

    Hannah xx

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  2. Nia says:

    I do most of my blogging on my ipad – the writing part in particular. I like the portability of it and the WordPress app is great 🙂 When it comes to photographs though I have to load up the desktop.

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  3. Beth says:

    This is such an interesting post! My husband often takes our laptop away with him for work and I find myself at a loose end, mainly cause the Blogger app is so rubbish but also the inability to get my photos. That tip about the memory card reader is a game changer – thanks! 🙂

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