Nottinghamshire’s best: Eden Hall

Don’t you just love a spa day? A few weeks ago mum and I had a much needed day of relaxation at Eden Hall.

I’ve been once before, but the main part of the spa has been refurbished, so there were even more places to unwind.

One of my favourite parts of Eden Hall is the slumber lounge. It’s a quiet room with dimmed lights and lots of cosy places to lie and relax. The idea is to take a snooze, but I like to read in there.

The outdoor hot tubs are another favourite of mine – luckily it was a lovely sunny day, if a little brisk!

The aqua lounge also features a sauna, saunarium, herbal steam room, salt steam room, rose steam room, a foot spa and lots of different showers – from a cool mist to a tropical drench.

On this visit I went for the serene spa day, which comes with a combined back massage and facial treatment. I was really impressed with my therapist, who really took the time to listen to my needs and gave me lots of detailed advice for looking after my skin. I’ve had lots of facials but that was the best consultation I’ve had.

If there was a downside, I’d say I enjoyed the food slightly more on my last visit. For lunch this time I had pork which was a little disappointing, but the creme brûlée I had for desert was delicious.

If you’re in the East Midlands I definitely recommend a day at Eden Hall. Like most spas it isn’t cheap, but for a day of true relaxation I’d say it’s worth every penny.

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