The best life hack products for your handbag

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Over the years I have discovered some amazing products to solve life’s peskiest problems. They may not be glamorous, but believe me – once you discover them you won’t want to live without them.

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Two days in London

Because of having friends in London, me and my boyfriend don’t do the whole tourist thing very much. So when we fancied a little mini break to the capital, we decided to don our backpacks for a few days and squeeze in as many attractions as we could manage. Continue reading

Ditching the tan: why pale is interesting 

As summer rolls around again, every pale person’s obsession intensifies – tanning.

Although whiteness sadly still comes with a whole lot of privilege, being pale is not a good thing in the beauty industry. The ideal is a very narrow one, and the ideal is golden.

All skin tones are beautiful in their own way. Everyone has colours they look amazing in and their own unique look, which should be celebrated. But while I see people with darker skin celebrating it, it seems all fair skinned people want to do is change their skin tone.

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