Did uni kill my love of reading?

I used to be that bookworm cliché. I spent so much time reading as a kid, and it brought me so much joy. I went off and did an English literature degree. And now I barely read at all.

So what happened? Did I grow out of reading, stop making time or did my degree turn reading into a chore?

I have to say I absolutely loved my degree and while I was at uni, I loved reading even more. I had so many new avenues to explore and every great novel I read led to more related ones to devour. Although reading was essentially my job (albeit very part-time!), I still enjoyed it. I only remember one or two things I really had to slog through.

Often the fact I had to read something was a blessing rather than a curse. There were novels which were heavy going at first which I ended up really enjoying. I might not have stuck with them otherwise, but they became firm favourites.

What uni did spoil for me was the idea of reading just because I enjoyed it. I felt that everything I read had to have value and that reading should improve me in some way.
I had never been much of a one for trashy novels anyway, but if I ever considered reading something lowbrow I could almost hear the disdain of my tutors.

The problem is, I don’t have time for densely plotted, thousand page novels now. When I do read I pick up a book for twenty minutes at a time, which isn’t long enough to get to grips with something meaty. I prefer short, easy reads these days.

So lately I’m trying to get back to my childish way of reading – reading something because I want to. I’m doing it for the enjoyment, not to tick another classic off my list. Just don’t tell my tutors!

10 thoughts on “Did uni kill my love of reading?

  1. Nia says:

    This seems to happen a lot. I’ve got a couple of mates who did English Lit degrees and both say that they find it hard to either find the time or motivation to take on big literary fiction.

    For me UNI definitely changed the sort of books I pick up. I read a lot of non fiction these days because I miss the studying side of UNI (weirdo that I am!!!) – history biographies are my favourites. 🙂

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  2. brontespageturners says:

    I had this exact same thing after uni, so I sympathize. I did a history degree and each week would have a list of 20 odd books/articles to read for my weekly essay. So for me one of the great things about graduating was the freedom to read what I liked! Don’t worry, the love will come back!


  3. Hannah (@hannahemilylane) says:

    I can completely understand this! When I’m at uni, I only ever find myself reading the stuff that’s been set, which I don’t mind, but it can be so dense sometimes! Since I’ve been working I have totally got my love for reading back, it just takes a book or two to reignite it 😛

    Hannah xx


  4. Kayleigh Zara says:

    I f eel the same I read a lot of stuff that is course relevant to my course which is about digital media/ curation! Makes reading anything seem super boring


  5. Vanessa says:

    I have to say, high-school did pretty much the same thing for me. As a child/young teen I used to read SO much, I’d spend hours up at night reading, but when I got a little older I just didn’t want to/didn’t have the time any more. I’m so glad to have rekindled my love for books, though. I’d recommend it to any teenager to keep up their reading hobby!

    Vee // veeosullivan.co.uk


  6. Penchants and Prejudice says:

    I absolutely love this. Doing English Lit for A-level kind of ruined reading for me. It became more of a chore than a hobby and now I just find myself putting off reading the follow-ups to some of my favourites because it seems like too much effort. I really hope you manage to get back into it! x


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