A day out in Derbyshire

Lea Gardens was somewhere I visited as a child and I’ve always wanted to go back. I remembered it as such a magical place, and while I knew it might not live up to my memories I wanted to visit again.

I wasn’t disappointed. Lea is a rhododendron garden in Derbyshire, and at this time of year it is a mass of colour. Everywhere you look there are giant chiffon blooms.

The plants are so tall that as you walk the winding paths, you have no idea where you are – you’re just lost in a forest of colour. We did a couple of circuits and each time was its own magical mystery tour.

There are a few higher up vantage points where you can survey more of the garden, including the terrace outside the café which gives a lovely view.

Lea is at its peak from late April to early June, so stick it in your calendar and be sure to head to Derbyshire next spring.

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