5 reasons I don’t follow you on Twitter

I know what you’ve been thinking. “How can I get Nina from off of Words by Nina to follow me?”

Of course you haven’t (but if you have – call me). It’s just that I’ve been thinking. My decision to follow someone on Twitter usually takes a split second. What do I base that decision on? There are a few things which are definite Twitter-turn-offs. Here are mine…

Calling yourself a Disney princess

This is partly a feminist thing, partly a grown adult thing. I enjoy watching a Disney film as much as the next person – I’m actually going to see The Lion King musical later this month (yay!). But I can’t deal with the princess thing. Sorry.

Defining yourself as a ‘wife’ before anything else

I get that people love their wedding day and are super proud to be married to their other halves. But why is ‘wife’ the first thing you want to say about yourself? This is a red flag for me that someone just isn’t interesting. Sorry again.

The Page 3 profile picture 

You know, the person who just happened to be wearing a bikini in their bedroom, then accidentally took a photo and made it their Twitter profile. I can’t be involved in this kind of behaviour.

You’re spoiling for a fight

There’s nothing more unappealing than clicking on someone’s profile to see tweet after tweet of barbed, antagonistic comments. As Mary J Blige once said, no more drama.

So there you have it. But if you’re a bikini-clad Disney Princess wife with a bad attitude, don’t change on my account. That’s the beauty of Twitter – there really is something for everyone!

10 thoughts on “5 reasons I don’t follow you on Twitter

  1. Nia says:

    Lol the Disney Princess thing made me chuckle. I love Disney, but hey I’m thirty. I’m a bit too old to be describing myself as a princess bracketed by emoji hearts and sparkles. Tbh I was too old for that when I turned 13.

    My pet peeve’s the duck pout. Profile pics with duck face pouts do my head in!

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  2. Danielle says:

    This post is great! I completely agree on the wife one. As a feminist I cringe when I see that. Why not define yourself based on YOU and your talents and passions, rather than your relationship to a man? Also, as you said, it hints to me that the person isn’t super interesting.

    Danielle | solongusa.blogspot.com

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