The battle of the Fitbits: One vs Zip

Fitbit trackers are everywhere at the moment, but you don’t hear as much about the Fitbit One or the Fitbit Zip.

The beauty of both of these is that you don’t wear them on your wrist. Wearing a tracker on my wrist wouldn’t work for me, so it’s great to have one which you can clip on to your belt or bra.

Since I’ve used them both now, I thought it would be interesting to compare them. Hopefully this helps if you’ve been thinking of taking the plunge!

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Review: The Year of Living Danishly

Scandinavia and happiness are two big interests of mine, so I was intrigued when a friend bought me The Year of Living Danishly.

You’ll probably be well aware that Scandinavian countries – and Denmark in particular – frequently come out on top for all sorts of wellbeing and quality of life measures. Denmark tops so many studies that it is thought to be the world’s happiest country. And that’s in spite of all the grisly murders Sarah Lund is called in to solve.

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Is Pokémon Go improving our lives?

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last couple of days, you’ll know that Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. Heck, we even had to explain it to my boyfriend’s Grandma after it was on the six o’clock news.

Wherever you go at the moment you’ll see people on their phones, catching Pokemon. You’ll overhear people talking about it, and you definitely can’t get away from it on Twitter.

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