The perfect night in

Maybe it’s a ‘being over 25’ thing, but I reckon you just can’t beat a good night in. Here’s what I like to do for the ultimate night of relaxation.

A lush bath

This goes without saying – it’s the law that if you have a blog you have to like Lush, isn’ it?! It was my birthday last month and I was very happy to be given quite a few bath bombs. I really like Honey Bee, and The Comforter bubble bar.

Flicking through a magazine

I like a bit of light reading material, although lots of women’s magazines drive me up the wall. I like to give the body shaming glossies a miss and go for some home interiors instead. One of my favourites is Style at Home. It’s aimed at a younger audience, so it provides lots of affordable home inspiration. It also has a food section which has loads of easy midweek meals. Bonus!

A good cuppa

Nothing says relaxation to me like sitting down with a hot drink. When I’m having a night to myself I often treat myself to something a little fancy – my current tea of choice is the Tea Pigs apple and cinnamon flavour. It is SO good.

Trashy TV

No night in is complete without a little bit of Netflix, and the more trashy the show the better. Pretty Little Liars would be my viewing of choice, but a feel good film would do the trick just as well.


You’ve got your TV show on and you’ve got your drink – now you just need some treats! I try not to have chocolate or biscuits in the house all the time because I have no self control, but I make sure I pick some up for a night in. Maryland cookies or those giant Cadbury caramel buttons are my absolute favourites.

I feel relaxed just thinking about it!

14 thoughts on “The perfect night in

  1. Kayleigh Zara says:

    A lush bath and snacks are definitely my favourite way to do a night in! The lush comforter bar is definitely my go to for a lush bath, or the twilight bath bomb


  2. Stephie @ Tea In Your Twenties says:

    Ok so I don’t have a bath bomb on stand by, but I think this is exactly what my night needs to look like tonight! I am 25 and I definitely appreciate nights in, although I’ve always loved to get cosy, so maybe I just have an old soul! I hat glossy womens magazines too, have you ever read flow or Oh Comely? They are my two favourites, so creative and about so much more than celebrities. Just found your blog through the teacup club and looking forward to reading more! Stephie xx

    Liked by 1 person

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