5 signs you’re addicted to dry shampoo

As a fine haired gal, dry shampoo is my saviour. Here are a few home truths for those of us who are addicted to the dry stuff.

Running out is not an option

A large part of my life revolves around maintaining my supply of dry shampoo. I have three cans in my drawer right now – because God forbid I should have to wash my hair on a no wash day.

You dread someone touching your hair

It might look like a well-coiffed mane, but damn does your hair feel like crap. Thankfully it’s not the done thing to go around touching people’s hair, because everyone would be judging you hard.

You have to explain to your hairdresser

“So, when you wash my hair and the water is a kind of dark, muddy brown colour? It’s not dirt, honestly. It’s dry shampoo. I do wash my hair, it’s just…not everyday, you know? But I did yesterday! I WASH!”

You need to wash your hands after touching your hair

There’s no getting around it, this stuff is gross. One absent minded scalp-scratch has you coated in brown powder. Nice.

Your room resembles a volcanic aftermath

A layer of grey ash covers everything you own thanks to your daily spraying. My bedroom is basically a very small, East Midlands Pompeii.


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16 thoughts on “5 signs you’re addicted to dry shampoo

  1. Stephie Claire (@TeacupTheatre) says:

    Ha! I try to avoid buying dry shampoo because one I do I will rely on it so much, and my hair will get so dry! I had started using talcum powder on my head beforeI go to bed instead, as that seems a bit kinder on my hair, but my boyfriend hates the smell of it, and it does make your hair quite static! The best one I’ve ever used was Treseme, but I go through it so quick I can’t justify the Β£5 price tag! xx


    Liked by 1 person

    • Words by Nina says:

      I wish I could get away with washing it once a week! Even with half a can of dry shampoo I have to do it every other day 😦 Your sneeze story has gone straight into my top 5 anecdotes. Hilarious!


  2. Kayleigh Zara says:

    I’ve only used dry shampoo a few times and it really didn’t work for my hair! But I know people who bloody love and would agree with all these points X


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