Is Pokémon Go improving our lives?

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last couple of days, you’ll know that Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. Heck, we even had to explain it to my boyfriend’s Grandma after it was on the six o’clock news.

Wherever you go at the moment you’ll see people on their phones, catching Pokemon. You’ll overhear people talking about it, and you definitely can’t get away from it on Twitter.

I’m really interested in the claims people are making that this game is a force for good. There’s talk that it’s getting people out of the house, exercising and socialising. I’ve heard a few people saying that they’ve never walked about so much as they have playing this game.

Pokémon Go is just a game at he end of the day, and it’s great that people are having fun. But I do find it odd that people are heralding this as a new age of exercise and social interaction.

Pokémon Go did not invent walking. Hopefully it isn’t news to you that you have always been able to walk around and see interesting things in your surroundings. Heck, why not take a friend with you, and there’s your social interaction too.

There’s nothing wrong with this game and I’m sure it’s grip on people will pass as quickly as it took hold. But why do we have to justify playing it with these supposed benefits? Don’t people find it a bit odd that it’s taken an app to get them out and about?

Not to be a killjoy, but I’m pretty sure the increased screen time and people ignoring what’s going on around them at the expense of catching Pokémon outweighs the benefits.

If you enjoy the game, fine (I’m partial to throwing the odd Poké Ball myself). But let’s not pretend Nintendo and their new league of millennials invented living life. And let’s not forget to actually live our lives.

6 thoughts on “Is Pokémon Go improving our lives?

  1. Emmie (@carpediememmie) says:

    I have seen SO MANY Pokemon GO blog posts, it’s just as big as the game 😉
    I do find it funny how people are justifying the exercise thanks to a game, there’s apparently a app where you donate money through walking or something. I think that’s a better cause than catching Pokemon! I have been really engaged with it though, despite it completing destroying your data and battery! Also the servers are rubbish!


  2. johnsroadtovolunteering says:

    I agree with what you said in this post.

    I haven’t played Pokemon Go, nor will I, as I see it as much more than an app.

    I agree that’s it’s giving others a source of motivation to exercise, but the constant walking, will end up with people spending their money on drinks and food, and where’s the good in this?

    Social Interaction…yes. Motivation….yes. Addiction…yes.

    But what happens when the app is no longer around or trending?


  3. Rabiah says:

    definitely, there is that point too that this day in a age, a game is needed for people to interact and walk about. but it is nice to see that it has helped with the change, that could also be contradicted because like always something else will come a long, pokemon go wont be a thing and everything will go back to normal. having said that i hope this pokemon experience does eventually change people, and encourage them to be more outgoing etc without the game! lovely post hun 🙂


  4. Pandora Pip says:

    I share some of your views, I guess I’m on the fence. Like many have said its creating the benefit of getting people up and out who wouldn’t normally but at the same time, isn’t a museum or park enough of a lure? I know everyone is different though and I find the app okay to pass some time every now & then, if it gets other people feeling good then more power to it. What does concern me is children going out at night alone, people being mugged for their phones when out hunting for Pokemon. I just think there needs to be a bit more awareness & safety around the use of it! Nice thought provoking post lovely xo


  5. flavietherese says:

    Pokemon Go seems to be everywhere and I’m quite fed up with it already. I’ve hear people saying that it makes them more active and socialize more. It’s great for them but it’s definitely not for those who don’t play. I’m getting major FOMO from a few friend who meet to play it in the nearest city.


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