Easy crafting: DIY candle jars

It feels like ages since I’ve done a crafty post, so I’m excited to be sharing this one with you.

My friend is having a woodland/outdoors wedding and wanted DIY lanterns to give a glow and generally look cute around the place.

Family members have been saving their jars for months, and the result was a crate full of jars for the bridesmaids to get crafty with. This was simple enough that one of the younger bridesmaids could join in, too.

There’s quite a rustic theme for the wedding, with lots of hessian involved. So, hessian was one of the main materials we used.

Like many craft projects, these worked best with a mix of textures, so we also used satin ribbon and lengths of lace to provide a contrast.

I think these look really effective and it’s nice that so many of the wedding party have been able to get involved with making something for the big day.

Jars like these would also be great as mini vases for a garden party or fancy picnic. Why not give ’em a try?

7 thoughts on “Easy crafting: DIY candle jars

  1. Nia says:

    These are great – I bet the glow through the hessian will look really nice 🙂 I did something similar for my wedding but with lace doilies on the inside (there was a strict no candle policy at our venue so we had to use battery tea lights). We put them outside and the effect was lovely.


  2. lifeaslois says:

    This is so pretty and such a good idea! I’m moving into my next house for my final year at uni and have been looking online for cute DIYs for my new room such as this! Will definitely be trying this out x


  3. komoberi says:

    I love candles, so I’m always looking for different ways to display them and this is such a pretty way to do it! I imagine the candle glows so nicely through them – I need to get my hands on some supplies!


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