Motivational quotes from Kikki K

Let’s face it, sometimes life is a bit of a struggle. Even if things are basically ok, you can find yourself lacking inspiration or just feeling a bit drab.

I know loads of people find motivational quotes helpful, and I love these quote cards from Kikki K.

I got these from the Kikki K store in Covent Garden. I was so excited to finally be able to go into a store – I’ve browsed the website loads but never wanted to pay the postage from Australia.

These come in a pack of twelve with a little wooden block to slide them into. The quotes are from everyone from Nelson Mandela to Gretchen Rubin, all with a different design.

They’re perfect for your desk to give you a little motivational boost. Worth every penny on a Monday morning!

How do you stay motivated? I’d love to know if you have a favourite quote which keeps you going.

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