Going to your first bloggers’ meet up 

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On Saturday I had a great afternoon with lots of other blogging ladies at the East Midlands meet up.

As this was my first meet up, I thought I’d share what I learnt as well as a few snippets from the day.

It’s good to be brave

Like most people I was nervous to go to an event where I didn’t know anyone. I’m so glad I did though, because I met some really lovely people and discovered some great new blogs. If you’re scared to go to a meet up, I’d really encourage you to go. I promise you’ll enjoy it!

Blogosphere magazine

You don’t have to look perfect

I felt so much pressure getting ready – I just imagined all these completely flawless beauty bloggers and then little old me! And while of course everyone looked fab, beauty bloggers are just people.

People from the internet are normal too

Internet safety has been drilled into us so much, I half expected to be meeting up with 40 axe murderers. Of course you need to be safe online, but there are loads of lovely normal people who just want to chat blogs.

Chalkboard at the East Midlands meet up

You don’t need to feel weird about taking photos

A few of us mentioned how nice it was to be an environment where no one would think you were odd for taking photos! So snap away, we’re all snap-happy here.

Blogging is awesome

PR firm Cool As Leicester and the talented ladies behind Blogosphere magazine both gave inspiring talks. It was great to know that a small following isn’t a barrier to working with brands – your content and consistency is more important. And my favourite message came from the editor of Blogosphere – “someone has to do it first, so why can’t it be you?”.

Bar staff at Manhattan 34
Thanks to Manhattan 34 for having us – they made me genuinely the nicest espresso martini I’ve ever had. And a massive thank you to Emma from Carpe Diem Emmie, Kirstie from Behind the Scent and the whole East Mids Meet Up gang for organising such a great afternoon. Head over to my Instagram if you want to see what I thought to the fab freebies.

13 thoughts on “Going to your first bloggers’ meet up 

  1. Stacey says:

    Can’t believe you’ve written this so fast! Lovely to meet you – thanks for hanging with me. I particularly loved your “Shall we go over and say hello?” – Without you I’d have been standing in a corner for most of the day.

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