What’s your travel style?

After recently booking a getaway to Valencia, I realised I have a very distinct style of travelling.

I would love to be that person who could just grab their passport and go, but that really isn’t me. When it comes to travel, I’m a planner.

Booking a holiday is genuinely one of the most stressful experiences I go through. I go halfway round the world in the process of researching potential destinations, considering and discounting dozens of places.

The ‘fun’ doesn’t stop once the destination is decided. Even if I find a hotel I like, I can’t shake the feeling there might be a better one. I drive myself to distraction comparing Every. Single. One.

It won’t surprise you to hear that I’m a planner on holiday, too. I would love to just go with the flow, but you would have to prise my guide book out of my cold, dead hands.

I know I will never truly have an adventure with my head stuck in my guidebook. But I also have to say that I’ve seen some amazing places on holiday and always manage to make the most of my time away. I’ve also never had anything less than a great meal – often in places I never would have found otherwise. Holidays are short, and I want to make the most of them.

This time I do want to take some baby steps towards being a more relaxed traveller. I want to leave a few afternoons free just to explore, without any pre planned ideas. I might even allow myself a little lie in…provided there’s time on the itinerary of course!

What kind of traveller are you?

3 thoughts on “What’s your travel style?

  1. snowtoseas says:

    Good and interesting post! I think my travel style is somewhere in between. When it comes to getting to various destinations using transportation (flights, trains, public buses), I need to have everything planned to a T. There is nothing worse than arriving somewhere and expecting to take public transportation to an accommodation only to realize that the needed route is no longer operating. However, when I don’t have a day on the road, I am a lot more relaxed. I will wander into the city and make my way through without a specific schedule. I’ll discover what I discover.


  2. Nia says:

    I wish I was one of those Grab the Passport and Go types but I’m a planner too 🙂 I like to know exactly where I’m going, have a folder of all necessary print outs and tickets etc. and have a list of things I definitely don’t want to miss. Once I’m there, though, I’m more open to going with the flow and wandering off the list a bit!


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