Cacti and flamingoes: bloggers’ delight

If you don’t love cacti and flamingoes, are you even a blogger?

I did a spot of shopping this weekend, and these were two of my favourite purchases. I have to admit, the cacti dish was bought pretty much with blog photos in mind. Gotta love them props!

I popped over to West Bridgford to see a friend and had to pay a visit to the newly opened Oliver Bonas. Everything in there is just beautiful, I could spend hundreds. I did manage to restrain myself and just got the cacti dish, along with a rollerball perfume, which I’ll be doing another post about.

The flamingo tape dispenser is from Tiger, which is the only place to go for outlandish stationery. This will be joining my Tiger cactus pen (yep, another cactus) in the botanical menagerie on my desk.

This got me thinking…how do these strange trends come about? The first one I remember is bows, a good few years ago now. Then it was owls, now it’s cacti and pineapples, and flamingoes seem to be next up. Each time it starts off quite niche and cool and eventually gets overdone, causing everyone to move on. Very strange.

Oliver Bonas is a treasure trove of trends – pineapples, cacti, copper and marble abound. It will definitely be my first stop for gifts and cute home bits.

Are you a cacti fan?

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