Handbag friendly fragrance

I don’t know why, but rollerball perfumes are just more fun. There’s something very novel about them – perhaps because they’re a bit hard to come by.

I was drawn to these on my recent visit to Oliver Bonas. There were three scents and I rolled them on various body parts (steady on, I mean different bits of my arms) and kept sniffing them while I looked round.

The winner was Blackberry Musk. As you might imagine, it has a sweet and fruity scent with musky basenotes. Surprisingly for such an affordable scent, it had quite a good ‘throw’ – it’s so annoying when you can’t smell your perfume!

This isn’t much bigger than a pen and so easy to carry around with you. Rollerball perfume is also more discreet to reapply, with no clouds of scent choking your colleagues in the office or fellow passengers on the bus.

It’s a thumbs up from me!

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