What I bought at Sephora

When I stumbled upon a branch of Sephora five days into a city break, I think it’s fair to say the products I bought give a clue to my state of mind. Without meaning to, I brought a whole load of refreshing, brightening and energising products – I was a little tired!

The beauty of Sephora is trying brands we can’t get (or can’t get easily) at home, and that is what I am always drawn to when I enter a store. On this first visit, I went for Sephora own brand. I paid another visit and picked up some Toly Moly products, but I’m going to cover those in a separate post about Korean beauty products (ignore the little panda who snuck his way into the photo!).

Without doubt my favourite purchase was a lavender foot mask. I’d never tried a foot mask before – in fact I don’t think I’ve ever come across a product like this. Basically a sheet mask for your feet, the package included two little plastic/paper socks with the mask inside them. You just had to pop in your clean feet, seal it up with a sticker aaaaand relax.

Let’s just say, I felt like a new woman after using that foot mask.We did so much walking on holiday that my feet were really feeling it, but this did just the trick to leave them feeling totally refreshed. The mask had a cooling effect which lasted for ages. A must have for any city break or even just after a hard day’s shopping.

I also tried my very first sheet mask, the brightening pearl face mask. If you’ve never tried a sheet mask, you just apply it to clean skin, leave it on for 20 minutes or so and then rub in any excess product. It felt nice enough while it was on, but I don’t feel that it had much effect on my skin. At 3.95€ a pop these aren’t cheap, and I’d probably give it a miss – I already own more effective masks than this.

Next up was an overnight mask. I already have the Origins Drink Up overnight mask, and I love that one. Leaving the mask on all night really gives it chance to do its thing.

This jelly pomegranate sleeping mask mask was billed as anti-fatigue and energising, and I was surprised by how much I liked it. In the morning my skin felt really soft, plump and in good condition. I would definitely use this one again.

I also picked up another daily brush cleaner, which is just a quick drying anti-bacterial spray you can use as a daily brush cleanser. I love this product – we all know brush cleansing is such a faff and this really takes out the hassle (although they will still need a proper clean now and again). I first tried this a few years ago and will always pick up a bottle when I can go to Sephora.

What are your favourite things to buy from Sephora?


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