The Korean beauty haul

I have an admission to make. I got into Korean brand Tony Moly for a really shallow reason. I hadn’t heard any of the hype about their products, but I bought their Panda’s Dream Eye Stick just because it was so bloody cute.

That’s a pretty good introduction to Tony Moly, because it’s the cute and quirky packaging which makes them stand out.

I was almost surprised to find great products inside. There’s something about the novelty factor which made me wonder if the products would be any good, but they’re actually really nice.

I got all of these products from Sephora when I was in Spain, but Sarirah from Pretty Not Included has a great post about where to get Korean beauty in the UK. Here’s what I bought…

Banana Hand Milk

The banana hand cream is totally non greasy and quick to absorb – a good day hand cream. It smells really strongly of either foam banana sweets or that banana medicine you used to get when you were a kid. Delicious! It’s by no means the most moisturising hand cream I’ve ever used, but what could be more cheery than a miniature banana?

Peach Lip Balm

This is one of my favourite products from the bunch, a lovely light balm with a gorgeous peach scent. It’s really hydrating and not the slightest bit stick. It does look a little bit like a boob – I’ve been careful not to leave this one out on my desk at work!

Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick

The Panda eye stick is a really interesting product. I’m always intrigued by things which claim to have a ‘feel better’ factor. Even if it’s all in my head, I find it comforting to know I can reach into my bag and grab a product which is going to fix a problem for me. This has a lovely cooling effect when you first put it on, then it feels kind of tightening. I don’t know if it really does a lot for tired eyes, but it makes me feel better!

I’m Real Seaweed Sheet Mask

When I looked into the brand lots of people were talking about their sheet masks, so I was glad I had picked one up. I tried the seaweed version, which claims to be purifying. I really enjoyed using this. It had a lovely fresh scent, felt really refreshing and I felt like it left my skin really plump. It’s unusual to find masks which feel like they have a lasting effect on your skin, so I’m intrigued to try more of these.

Ultimately I think beauty should be fun, and Tony Moly definitely have that nailed. I love carrying their products with me and they’re always sure to make me smile.

Have you tried any Korean beauty products?

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