6 reasons not to start a blog

You will never have a pure experience again

You might think life is for living, but if you had a blog you would know that life is for posting about. No day out, meal or holiday is safe. It’s time to stop living, and start curating.

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Brick Wonders

Lego has just been named the world’s most powerful brand, which is lucky for the Harley Gallery as it is currently hosting its second Lego exhibition. This time wonders of the world are getting the colourful brick treatment, whether that be the Great Wall of China or more everyday wonders such as the internet and airports.

Brick Wonders isn’t a huge exhibition, but it’s free to enter and you will definitely leave with a smile on your face. Don’t miss the intricate model of Old London Bridge, packed full of life just like it would have been all those years ago. The biggest model is the airport, where you can see all the hustle and bustle of arrivals and departures in miniature.

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