6 reasons not to start a blog

You will never have a pure experience again

You might think life is for living, but if you had a blog you would know that life is for posting about. No day out, meal or holiday is safe. It’s time to stop living, and start curating.

You will waste money buying things just because they will look good on your blog

You don’t need another trinket dish, but it will be such a good prop for your blog photos. See also: flowers, cacti, book, things with quotes on them.

You will have insane expectations for your social media accounts

When you start out and those numbers first start to go up, you feel warm inside. But soon 1,000 followers on Twitter seems like a pathetic amount and every person who unfollows you is another knife to the heart. Not that you should even care about the numbers, because everyone knows that is NOT what it’s about. Which brings me to…

You will feel a constant sense of blogging guilt

Not tweeted today? Not posted this week? Not researched Instagram hashtags for your new post? Read and commented on at least 70 other posts today? Do you care too much about the numbers – or not enough? You are a bad blogger. Why are you even bothering?

You will have to explain why you write things on the internet

Not everyone gets blogging, that’s for sure. And when it inevitably comes out that you have a blog, there will be people who can’t get their head around it. Who do you think you are? Who wants to read what you have to say? You better have your answers ready.

You will become a cliche and hate yourself

You might start off thinking you’re all unique and original, but sooner or later the marble and rose gold comes for us all. It’s no good claiming you’ll never have an Instagram theme or that you’ll never be that person who puts their ‘next destination’ in their Twitter bio. You’re just lying to yourself.

So, there are my 6 reasons not to start a blog. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

3 thoughts on “6 reasons not to start a blog

  1. Nia says:

    “The marble and rose gold comes for us all…”
    Had to laugh because not only is it true (I’ve avoided rose gold so far, to me it just looks like tarnished silver) but now I’m imagining some kind of horror flick involving marble and rose gold! 🙂


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