What to pack for a city break

Do you struggle with what to pack for a city break? I’m going to Madrid in a couple of weeks and I’ve been getting seriously stressed about it. At this time of year the weather is a bit mixed – getting warm during the day but cold at night and earlier in the morning. So, I planned out all of my outfits to give me lots of different options with just 20 items. FYI I’m away for four days and this all fits into a carry on case, with a little room for your non-clothes stuff. Here’s what I went for…

Jackets x2

More than one jacket might seem excessive, but it’s an easy way to change up what you’re wearing. I’ve gone for a denim jacket and a leather one to give me a casual and an evening option.

Footwear x4

It goes without saying you need something comfortable for all that exploring. Trainers are a must for me, but choose whatever fits your style. To cover off all weather eventualities I’m also taking some flat boots and a pair of sandals. I’ve rounded off my footwear with a pair of heeled boots for night time.

Day to night tops x2

Here’s where your jackets and shoes come into their own. These tops can be worn in the day with trainers, or dressed up a bit with heels and a different jacket at night. They also provide warmer weather options if needed – just drop the jacket, add the sandals and you’re good to go.

Jeans x2 and tshirts x2

The plan here is essentially blue jeans during the day and black at night, plus a couple of basic tshirts I can layer or wear under a jacket. Foolproof.

Day dresses x2

I think I’ll be wearing my dresses with tights (I’m not a bare legs gal until August), but these are just to give me a bit of variety rather than wearing jeans every day. You could include skirts or printed trousers if you prefer.

Going out x2

Extra outfits for going out are an easy way to kill your suitcase space, but thanks to those day to night swaps I only need a couple of bits. Included in my 20 items is one fancier dress in case we go on a ‘proper’ night out, and this glitzy off the shoulder top from Mango – which will take me from restaurant to bar in a flash of a shoulder!

A bit of warmth x4

I’m travelling in my coat and also taking a chunky cardigan – both of which go with all the outfits I’m taking. I’ve also packed a jumper which I could layer over a tshirt if it did get a bit nippy. The last of my 20 items was a pair of leggings, to give me another layering option with my dresses.

The golden rules

  • Decide what to pack in outfits, not individual items
  • Make sure your clothes work together so that you can mix and match
  • Work out your basics and add items which turn them from day to night and hot to cool

If you’re jetting off, I hope you found that useful! What are your top tips?

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