Five things you never knew about Lush

It’s such a blogging cliché, but I love Lush. I’m very much a bath person and find it a great way to relax – even better with a colourful bath bomb fizzing away.

So I was very excited to be able to go to my first Lush event last week.

The whole night was basically designed to help us get to know Lush a little better. Here are some of the things I discovered.

They have their own spas

Did you know Lush have spas? I didn’t! At a few of their shops across the country they have a spa, offering all the usual facials and massages with an added Lush twist.

All the treatments sound really unusual and very creatively thought out – for example A Hard Day’s Night uses calming remixes of Beatles music. I’m already looking into booking a treatment!

It isn’t all about the bath bombs

Ok, if you’ve been into a Lush shop you probably do know this. But there are so many different products which aren’t just bath bombs.

I spent quite a while finding out about the perfumes, which all have lovely stories behind them and offer an alternative to sickly sweet high street fragrances.

I also had my tired feet seen to. The Volcano foot mask was lovely and warming – I wish I had bought one, because my feet felt tingly and refreshed all the way home.

Instead I bought the salted coconut hand scrub, which is another lovely product. It smells amazing and leaves my hands feeling soft and conditioned.

They make self-preserving products

Lush are running a big campaign at the moment on self-preserving products. These products don’t have any extra preservatives added – they’re formulated to use natural ingredients like salt, or in a way that leaves less water available to microbes.

All of Lush’s solid products are preservative free, and there’s at least one product in every range which is self-preserving. 

I was given Mask of Magnaminty to try, and I must say I really liked it. It didn’t dry out, which I really like in a mask. It was very zingy and refreshing, and left my skin feeling soft and clean. A thumbs up from me!

There’s such a thing as a bath cocktail

You heard right – a bath cocktail. We were shown how to make these, by using more than one bath bomb or bubble bar to make a super colourful, shimmering and scented bath delight. 

I must say I’m not sure this is really for me as it could make taking a bath a pretty expensive pastime, but it could be nice if you fancy an extra treat.

The Comforter is the people’s favourite

Lots of people I spoke to on the night said The Comforter bubble bar was their favourite product – and it’s my personal favourite, too. So if you haven’t tried this Lush classic yet, what are you waiting for?

A big thank you to the lovely people at Lush Nottingham who put on such a great evening for us.

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