One day in London

Finding things to do in London can be overwhelming – it’s fair to say you’re spoilt for choice. Here’s a neat little itinerary we tried out recently – perfect if you just have one day in the capital.

The Delauney

This restaurant really reminded me of Angelina in Paris. It’s pricey but a lovely environment to go and treat yourself to breakfast or brunch.

We had the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup (of course), and they didn’t disappoint. Plus, it’s just around the corner from…

Covent Garden

There’s always something going on in Covent Garden. When we visited it was a Punch and Judy festival – not much seemed to be happening when we arrived, but it was certainly colourful!

You can’t beat Covent Garden for shopping. I always love paying a visit to the Kikki K store – a separate post on what I bought is coming up!

There are so many lovely shops, and lots of ones we don’t have in Nottingham, so it’s always fun to have a browse.

Museum of London

This museum wasn’t really on my radar, but having done all of the big hitters we thought we’d give it a go. It’s free (although we made a donation, gotta support these things!) and well worth a visit.

As you might imagine, it charts London through the ages. It goes from the first settlements in the Thames Valley right through to the present day.

London’s history is in many ways the country’s history – or urban Britain, anyway. It takes in invasions and settlements, plague, fire, reform, war, suffrage…just about everything. The museum was really interesting and I definitely learnt a thing or two I didn’t know about London.

Union Pizza

A pizza and salad to share, plus a drink each came to something ludicrous like £12. These places are popping up everywhere but you can’t go wrong for a quick, cheap and tasty meal.

There’s a branch just down the road from King’s Cross, so it’s great to head to straight from or just before a train.

One day in London = done!

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