A Lincoln photo diary

You know that feeling when you’re just a little fed up of your city, and fancy a change for a day? That was us the other weekend. So we bundled ourselves into the car and headed to nearby Lincoln for a bit of something different.

The highstreet in Lincoln isn’t the best, but the Cathedral Quarter is well worth a visit. You head up from the highstreet and the shops start to become more interesting. It starts at The Strait, and then you get to Steep Hill – a really charming street, but as the name suggests you definitely feel the burn!

We stopped halfway up Steep Hill at a lovely vinatge tea room called Bunty’s. Sadly I got a bit too Instagram-focussed and only took square photos of my scone. Blogger problems, right?

There are loads of brilliant independent shops – I loved this one selling gorgeous handpainted Russian dolls. Lincoln is a great place to go shopping if you fancy something a little different.

Lincoln has ‘the knights’ trail’ on at the moment, with lots of knight designs all over the city. I guess this kind of thing is a bit overdone these days, but we liked them (and the kids all falling over each other to tick them off their lists).

Lincoln has a castle AND a cathedral, which is pretty impressive for such a small city. You can walk the castle’s medieval wall which looked fun – we’ll definitely be doing that next time. It’s free just to go into the castle grounds and there’s a nice grassy area which would be great for a picnic.

The cathedral is HUGE. We didnt go in but from outside it’s very impressive.

Overall we really liked Lincoln for all the things to see and do, the pretty streets and the independent shopping. Definitely a thumbs up from us!

4 thoughts on “A Lincoln photo diary

  1. Nia says:

    Lincoln looks lovely 🙂 The Knight’s Trail reminds me of something similar they had all over Berlin – they had all these upright bears with designs painted by artists. Very cool!

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  2. Charlotte says:

    Its been quite a while since we went to Lincoln actually, but i know what you mean about getting bored of your city! Me and Tom went to Skegness this weekend and had so much fun we have decided to spend more of our weekends exploring the midlands 🙂

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