Lush Spa Liverpool: Hard Day’s Night review

As soon as I heard about the Lush Spa treatments at the Nottingham bloggers’ event, I knew I wanted in.

Since we fancied a little weekend away we decided to tie it all in and head to Liverpool for some sightseeing and some Lush treatin’.

So many of the treatments sounded amazing but I plumped for the Hard Day’s Night – partly because it was created especially for the city and partly because you got to wear pyjamas. Gotta love those PJs.

The treatment is a slightly eye watering £95, so it ended up as a combined gift and a treat to myself. It’s definitely something I’d only do on a special occasion but it was well worth it.

The massage uses no products, but instead uses passive stretching to release tension in the body. This involves your therapist putting you into all kind of weird and wonderful positions. A couple of the stretches were a bit strong, but these were well balanced with lovely relaxing movements.

There’s also some muscle manipulation, pressure point massage and a lovely head massage. The treatment was full of different things (which I won’t spoil), which all made for a completely dreamy experience.

The soundtrack was created with local artists especially for the treatment, and features reworked Beatles classics to take you on your own magical mystery tour of relaxation. The music complemented the massage perfectly and definitely gave it an extra something special.

The spa itself is an oasis in the centre of Liverpool. The bathroom was amazing – it was beautiful and full of products to try. There were perfumes, hand creams, hair products and loads of Lush makeup. I didn’t want to leave!

I felt totally relaxed after the treatment, and the tension in my shoulders had definitely been relieved. If you have any niggles this massage would really sort you out.

I highly recommend the Lush Spa next time you’re looking to treat yourself. It is pricey but if this treatment is anything to go by you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

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