5 signs youre in a long term relationship

We see a lot in films and on TV about people falling head over heels in love. But what about ten years down the line? I’ve laid out my five signs that things have gone a little…long term.

You make zero effort

Remember when you used to spend ages getting ready before a date? Those days are long gone. Now you are more likely to be seen lazing around the house in jogging bottoms and your hair scraped back in a clip. Attractive!

Your partner can read your mind

After a certain amount of time you develop a kind of super power which means you know what your partner would do in any given situation. This can be useful when you need to make a snap decision without their input – you know, something really important like ordering a takeaway.

You visit garden centres together

There are certain things when you’re younger that you can never imagine yourself doing. For me, to enjoy visiting a garden centre with my other half was one of those things. Now we’re both there picking out planters and perennials like a true Monty Don.

You are hella cynical

Whenever you see people in their honeymoon period, you can be heard to tut loudly and say ‘give it a year’. And you NEVER believe it when people seem to be too happy on social media.

You have a joint account

As far as I’m concerned, this is when shit gets SERIOUS. Now there’s a joint fund especially for all those trips to the garden centre and for getting your guttering fixed. Who says romance is dead?

If I’ve really sold the coupled-up life to you, you might be interested in these dating sites. Who knows, maybe you will find your significant other!

This is a sponsored post but the content is my own.

2 thoughts on “5 signs youre in a long term relationship

  1. nele says:

    I’ve been in a relationship for almost five years and the only one that really applies to me is that my partner and I can basically read each others mind haha! I mean, I walk around his place in my joggers but I’ve been doing that since the start, I think it’s still important to put effort into making myself look nice before dates and plan exciting things ^_^ Think it’s different for any relationship 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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