Make-up masterclass at CaBella Nottingham

CaBella and I have a slightly different take on make-up.

These days I’m a less is more kinda gal, whereas at CaBella more is definitely more. So I was interested to go along to their bloggers’ masterclass and see if they could sway me over to the dark (and glittery!) side.

CaBella is a make-up boutique just off Nottingham’s swanky Bridlesmith Gate. It’s any make-up lover’s dream – there are brushes galore, pink everywhere and more glitter than you could shake an eyeliner at.

For our masterclass we watched as the girls created two different looks on their model. The first was a smokey eye – with glitter, of course – and the second one was using some of their amazing pigments.

I definitely learnt a thing or two watching the masterclass. My favourite tip was to match your foundation to your neck and body. This is something I’ve had issues with at make-up counters before. I’ve had my makeup matched to especially pale or pink parts of my face, and I’ve ended up looking a bit odd.

I also loved the focus on affordability and how honest the girls were about the benefits of cheaper products. It was refreshing to hear them recommend products half the price of the high-end versions.

I’m not sure I’ll ever embrace the complete CaBella look – I gasped when the lovely Dannica told us she was wearing 12 pumps of foundation! But I must say the model looked flawless and if you’re into big glam nights out, CaBella would be a great place to go and get your makeup done.

So, I won’t be going full Kim K just yet. But the ladies at CaBella have definitely convinced me that life is better with glitter!

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