The Italianate glasshouse: Ramsgate’s secret garden

Have you ever stumbled upon a place you felt was just for you?

I’ve been walking through the King George VI Park in Ramsgate for years, on our summer trips.

But I never knew that just over the way, through a thicket of trees, was an Italianate glasshouse and the sweetest tea garden you ever did see.

You can hardly tell where to place your order, but the almost hidden door inside the glasshouse leads to a room with a counter laden with homemade cakes.

The china is vintage, the tea plentiful and the scones are light and freshly baked.

Outside in the garden, there are wrought iron tables and chairs huddled around the glasshouse or under the bunting-decorated marquees. The mad hatter might pop out at any moment.

From inside, an 80 year old Mexican agave has burst through the glass.

Vines grow inside and out, while cacti, succulents and tomatoes line the edge of the small crescent glasshouse.

The garden is so peaceful you may never want to leave. It’s a simple spot, but it’s hard to think of a better place to contemplate the good things in life over a pot of tea.

I can’t wait to go back to my secret garden!

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