Lush perfume: Vanillary review


The perfumes are a fairly neglected part of Lush’s range.

I don’t think many non-Lush addicts know about them, and I have to admit I haven’t investigated them much before now. I was missing out!

If you read my post about the Liverpool Spa, you’ll know how much I loved the bathroom with all the products to try. Amongst these was a shelf of perfumes, and the one I chose to give myself a generous spritz was Vanillary.

Unlike other Vanilla scents I’ve tried, Vanillary isn’t a one-dimensional sweet smell. It starts off with a bit of a twang and is quite a heady, decadent scent. It settles down on the skin to something warm and sweet – but a sweet scent with depth and a grown up edge, rather than something very sickly.

I like a perfume which could give you a headache, and Vanillary falls into that category. I can’t stand ‘nothing’ fragrances, but you definitely know you’re wearing this one. It has brilliant staying power and you only need a couple of spritzes, which I think makes it good value for money.

If you like something a little different to high street fragrances, you should definitely give Lush perfumes a try. Why not give yourself a spritz next time you pop in for a bath bomb?

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