Lindos travel guide – part 1

We’ve just got back from the most wonderful week in Lindos, so I thought I would share what we got up to as well as some travel inspo if you’re looking for your next holiday.

Lindos is a village on the east coast of Rhodes. It’s all about pretty white houses, endless sun and fried feta (just me?).

The ‘brochure shot’ is its clifftop acropolis towering over Lindos bay. What a beauty.

I’ve got lots to say so I’m going to split this into more than one post. First up, Lindos itself – the village, the acropolis and our hotel.

Lindos village

I’ll admit it wasn’t love at first sight for me and the village. The first things I saw were shops selling fake designer gear and a throng of tourists.

The more we explored, though, the more I came to love Lindos.

Early mornings and evenings are the times to see it at its best. But whatever time, once you get past the first street or two the shops improve and the crowds thin.

If you go down the back streets you get all of those Insta-worthy white houses all to yourself.

The village church, Our Lady of Panagia, is an absolute gem. This quaint church was a real surprise inside, covered in frescos and with an amazing pebbled mosaic floor.

Most of life in the village happens above ground, in one of the zillion rooftop bars and restaurants.  They’re the perfect place to enjoy a drink and a view, especially at dusk.

The acropolis

The acropolis makes Lindos, because it means you have a great view practically everywhere you go.

It’s a bit of a climb so we got up early to do it when it was slightly cooler, and to miss the crowds. Best. Decision. Ever. There was hardly anyone there and it was incredible to have all the uninterrupted views to ourselves.

That said, the few people who were there all managed to get into the photo below, so I edited a couple of them out (full disclosure!).

The acropolis has had some dodgy modern restorations, so it maybe wouldn’t impress the real archeology buffs – but for me that’s just part of its story.

The views across Lindos, the coastline and out to sea are just stunning.

Lindos View Hotel

Lindos View is the best located hotel in Lindos. It’s up the hill (there is only the odd luxury villa in the village itself) but most other hotels are round in the next bay.

It’s a really quiet hotel and our room was spacious, modern, and seriously spotless.

We only ate at Lindos View a couple of times but the food we had was good – the Greek barbecue went down a treat with my meat loving travel companion (five lamb chops, anyone?).

So, that’s my little introduction to Lindos. Next time I’m going to talk about my favourite place from our holiday/in the world – St Paul’s Bay. Look out for it!

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