5 benefits of a restaurant wedding


A restaurant probably isn’t the first thing which springs to mind when you think ‘wedding venue’.

Gorgeous stately homes, rustic barns or festival style marquees are probably the main options for couples looking for a place to host their day.

Although it might not be the most popular choice, a restaurant is a really easy option – especially if you’re after something understated.

We’re getting married at a registry office and then heading to a restaurant for our celebration. Here’s why…

Food glorious food (and drink!)

We both love to eat (who doesn’t?) and when we started talking about wedding plans, it was all about the food.

We’ve chosen tapas, which we both love and which has been a big part of our lives as we’ve visited different Spanish cities together and learnt about the culture there. It’s also a really social way of eating and there should be something for all tastes.

The restaurant is somewhere we’ve eaten at loads so we’re confident in the food we’ll be serving up. We can’t wait to tuck in!

There’s also an ace drinks selection so there will be something for everyone to enjoy, whatever their tipple.

Keeping the cost down

It’s not so much that we were scrimping, but we just didn’t personally believe in spending loads on this one day. It turned out having our celebration at a restaurant (which we wanted to do anyway) was very budget friendly.

Lots of restaurants have private hire areas and often you don’t have to pay for them – you just need to meet a minimum spend on your food and drink. This has allowed us to do our entire wedding for the same price as just the hire on a lot of wedding venues. Bonus.

It’s stress free

If you choose a venue which doesn’t have its own catering (a barn or a marquee for example), it gives you a lot of flexibility but also a lot to organise. It’s not just the food itself – think about the crockery and the staff who are going to serve it!

By choosing a restaurant you will have everything you need already there. If you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty with every last detail, you could be on to a winner.

That low-key life

We really wanted something super laid back, so a restaurant fit the bill perfectly. It’s local, easy for people to get to and close to the registry office.

It also makes for a small and intimate celebration, which while not for everyone is just what we’re after.


Setting the tone

If you want a day without much tradition, a restaurant can be a really fitting backdrop. Since I’m not wearing a ‘wedding dress’ and we’re not having bridal parties etc, I’m not sure our day would have worked in a grander setting. It’s about marrying (marrying!) the rest of the wedding ‘stuff’ with the venue you’re choosing. I feel like everything will fit together and just make sense.

So there you have it. Would you ever consider a restaurant wedding? It’s been such a cheap and simple option that I really hope it gets on to people’s radar a bit more. Especially if you live in a city like Nottingham, where there are so many fantastic independent eateries. There’s something for everyone!

Just a note: I’ve used copyright free stock images in this post. I felt like my thoughts were the focus…and it wasn’t going to be easy to get a load of restaurant photos!

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