The ASOS culottes which are rocking my world

Hands up if you always associated culottes with the Brownies?

Well, that was me but it ain’t any more. I took the plunge and bought a pair of ‘new’ culottes – basically v. wide leg trousers – and I am SOLD.

As a petite gal I’ve usually shied away from anything with loads of material. When you’re 5’2, it’s easy to look like you’re drowning in your clothes! These petite ASOS bad boys are pretty flattering though – and they also come in regular and tall for those of you who aren’t struggling for inches.

So let me tell you why I love ’em. In this endless summer we’ve been enjoying, I have basically packed away my old trusty jeans. This has diminished my wardrobe by about 5000%. I’m not such a skirts/shorts person as I used to be, so fun trousers are definitely my summer jam.

These are so flowy, light and cool that they are a joy to wear whatever the weather.

One major advantage over skirts and dresses is that you can say goodbye to the ol’ chub rub – result! You only need to shave the bottom few inches of your shins too, which to be honest is an absolute win in my book.

My bag is also my one true love which it took me ages to track down. If you’re after a straw/wicker/basket bag this is from Betsy and Floss which has loads of cute ones. They are a little on the pricier side but the quality seems very good. Did I mention this is my one true love?

If you haven’t tried culottes already, I hope you’ve been convinced by this impassioned post.

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