Wedding planning update

We’re now only three weeks from our wedding, so I thought I’d update you on what’s going on.

We’ve been smashing the wedmin. I wrote a HUGE list of everything still to do and think about, and we ticked off as much as possible. It’s amazing that with such a small wedding there’s still a fair bit to do.

It’s mainly been ordering bits and bobs, like place cards and confetti. I really couldn’t be bothered to DIY anything, so we’ve got practically everything from Etsy. I highly recommend Etsy for all things wedding as there is loads of unusual stuff on there.

I’ve also been buying the fun stuff, like my perfume and jewellery. A wedding perfume is very much an extra, but it’s an extra that I really wanted. We went to Jo Malone together and picked out Wood Sage and Sea Salt, which is a beautiful and slightly unisex scent.

Jewellery wise, my dress has a high neckline so I pretty much just needed earrings. As a glasses wearer I sometimes feel like drop earrings are too fussy, so I’ve gone for the Missoma celestial studs (see ’em above!).

Something we’re not bothering with – decorations. We decided it could look a bit half arsed. We’ve got a few bits which are personal to us but otherwise the venue will be as is. I really don’t feel like it will make a difference to the day.

Last weekend was really fun as I had both my hen do and makeup trial. I think I’ll do a separate hen do post but it was such a fun day and my friends and family were really thoughtful which made it extra special.

I was so excited about the makeup trial! I’ve gone for a classic red lip with a little cat eye and I am so happy with how it looked.

It didn’t all go to plan – I had a breakout and the lipstick I chose is discontinued, but it will all work out in the end! Here’s me looking super happy at my trial (makeup by the lovely Rochelle O’Brien)…

Without sounding too smug we’re both pretty chilled at this point. All the big stuff is sorted so I’m sure we’ll have a great day whatever happens now. We’ll never have this time again, so I’m trying to enjoy it!

After the wedding I’m going to talk about some of the more exciting stuff which I don’t want to put online at the moment. Watch this space!

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