The joy of returning: why travel isn’t all about the bucket list

Everything is a competitive sport these days, and travel is no different.

We’re all rushing to tick destinations off our bucket list and making travel goals like it’s going out of fashion.

But in all the excitement of going somewhere new, it’s easy to forget about going back.

Of course nothing beats the feeling of waking up in a new country, but from time to time you find a destination that fits you like an old pair of slippers. The novel is replaced with the familiar and new discoveries make way for old favourites.

There are loads of benefits to making a return visit. Particularly on a short break, there’s likely to be something that you couldn’t fit in last time. And without all the ‘must dos’ to get around, things give way to a slower pace.

The stress of the unknown is taken away, especially if you choose to stay in the same hotel or learn from little mistakes you made last time. Without the worry of how you will get from A to B – or what B will be like when you get there – true relaxation can be yours.

You can get to know a place better on a second (or third or fourth) visit. You can put your local knowledge to use and build on it as you discover some of the quirks which you didn’t have time to explore the first time around.

Being well travelled isn’t always about having been to the most places. Sometimes it’s about getting to know a place more deeply. We shouldn’t see going back somewhere as a waste or every trip solely as an opportunity to scratch off another country. If somewhere is calling you back, go.

3 thoughts on “The joy of returning: why travel isn’t all about the bucket list

  1. linleysarah1 says:

    Totally agree! We are now in Chiang Mai for the third time. Every visit has been different. It’s fun repeating the things we loved doing the first time but also discovering new activities and less-well known areas of the city. It’s also interesting to come back at different times of the year and see places in different seasons.


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