How to handle rain on your wedding day

Ah, weather. The British are obsessed by it. And it can be a cruel mistress – no matter what time of year you get married, you could find yourself dodging showers (or downpours in our case!).

Given the 2018 we had weather-wise, and the summer-like October days that came after our wedding, we were incredibly unlucky to get heavy rain for most of the day and balmy 9 degree temperatures. But it wasn’t a disaster!

So, if you’re obsessively checking the weather forecast and it ain’t looking good, here’s my advice.

Weatherproof your hair

I know it’s vain to worry about your hair, but if you can’t be vain on your wedding day when can you?! Other than our guests staying warm and dry, this was my main concern. I didn’t want to pay all that money for photos and then look a state in them.

I had a blow dry in the morning and my hairdresser used products to give it some hold and straightened it better than I ever could – so it stayed looking good all day.

If your hair is usually prone to going wayward with a bit of moisture, get a pro involved and remember, hairspray is your friend. So. Much. Hairspray.

Make a feature of it

We bought clear umbrellas which looked cool and we made a feature of them for the photos. In a weird way I think the rain was actually a good thing, because we’re not much of a romantic couple and the umbrellas gave us something to pose with and feel less awkward.

Who wants sunny wedding photos like everybody else’s anyway?!

Hire a pro

Our photographer kept telling us that the rain makes no difference at all to her – she just had to keep her lens dry!

I think this is where paying for someone who is experienced and knows what they’re doing really comes in. She scouted out locations to keep us dry, made a feature of the umbrellas and set everything up so we were standing in the rain for as little time as possible.

Good wedding photographers aren’t cheap but they are worth their weight in gold when things don’t go to plan.

Have a plan B

Whether you’re getting married fully outdoors or there’s only a bit of time that you’ll be outside, you need a back-up plan.

Think through what you’ll do if it’s raining and be prepared – you’ll feel so much better.

I spoke to our photographer beforehand who made some really useful suggestions. We made a plan for our guests to wait for us in the warm and shifted the timings a little so we could arrive at the reception early. As the saying goes, fail to prepare – prepare to fail!

At the end of the day your wedding is about celebrating your love with the people who matter to you, and you can do that come rain or shine. So grab a brolly and get celebrating!

The photos in this post are by our fab wedding photographer who you can find over at Amy B Photography.

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