My quarantine diaries: week one


What a bloody week eh?!

I thought since we’re all living through something momentous, it might be nice to document how it goes week by week. Think of yourself, dear reader, as the Wilson to my Castaway. 

I’m still working, so the amount of time when I’m required to entertain myself is fairly limited. But here are some of the things I’ve discovered this week which have actually turned this into a pretty positive experience (let’s see what I think in a few weeks’ time!).

Making it an event

Whether it’s a family gathering on HouseParty or a Netflix night with your best gal pals, I’ve been scheduling things as if I was actually going out and meeting people. Knowing I’ve got something to do on Saturday night has given me something to look forward to and added some extra fun to my week.

Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture gives you online access to content from over 2000 museums and cultural sites. 

On Saturday afternoon James and I explored the American Museum of Natural History via Street View from the comfort of our sofa. You can get a 360 degree view of the dinosaur skeletons and ‘walk’ through the exhibits as if you were there (granted in a slightly clunkier, Street View kinda way).

There’s so much great stuff on there – next I want to take a tour of Angkor Wat. As per my point above, we’ve made Saturday afternoons our slot for ‘going’ to museums and galleries.

Track your mood and gratitude

This week I decided that prevention was going to be better than cure when it came to mental health, so I set to downloading a few apps which I thought might be helpful.

Presently is a really attractively designed gratitude journal app, with the simple daily prompt ‘what are you grateful for today?’. Gratitude is pretty well established as a tool for mindfulness and mental wellbeing.

This has really encouraged to look for the little things, as well as helping me to notice that I bloody love being in the garden (even in March). More of that, then.

Daylio is a mood tracker app where you input your mood via an emoticon and then can add what you’ve been up to from a customisable menu – so whether you’ve done exercise, been watching TV, how you’ve slept etc. 

I don’t know if it will help but it feels good to be building an awareness of how I’m doing and what small things within my control might contribute to that. If you worry about big data, Daylio also doesn’t ask you to set up an account so your info is stored on your device and optionally backed up to your Google account. Which is nice.

So, those are my discoveries from the first week of life inside the best indie disaster film that Simon Pegg never wrote. Cornetto?

Let me know what’s been getting you through.

2 thoughts on “My quarantine diaries: week one

  1. Shayan Afzal says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience Nina. I like your idea of keeping a schedule and having something to look forward to. Thank you for the app recommendations as well. ‘Presently’ sounds interesting.


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