The battle of the Fitbits: One vs Zip

Fitbit trackers are everywhere at the moment, but you don’t hear as much about the Fitbit One or the Fitbit Zip.

The beauty of both of these is that you don’t wear them on your wrist. Wearing a tracker on my wrist wouldn’t work for me, so it’s great to have one which you can clip on to your belt or bra.

Since I’ve used them both now, I thought it would be interesting to compare them. Hopefully this helps if you’ve been thinking of taking the plunge!

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Diary of a lazy girl #3: getting fit in 2015

The start of a new year is the time most people choose to try and make healthy lifestyle changes. But how can you make sure you’re not a gym-class drop out by February? Here’s what has helped in my quest to become a slightly less lazy girl:

1) Find time for fitness in your weekly routine

Having specific days for exercising really helped me stick to my schedule. Rather than exercising ‘when you have time’, decide which days are your work out days and stick to it as best you can. This way you know what you’re doing and it soon becomes a habit. Going to the same classes each week works well.

2) If at first you don’t succeed…

I’m rubbish at running and can’t tell right from left in a dance class. The trick is to keep going until you find something you enjoy. If you try something and it isn’t for you, shrug it off and try again.

3) Go when you don’t feel like it

If you’re laid up with flu, you can’t go to the gym. But don’t talk yourself out of going just because you’re tired/it’s cold/the cat might get lonely. This is a slippery slope. Make yourself go and chances are, you’ll feel better for it.

4) Recognise your progress

Whatever your chosen discipline, if you stick at it you will see an improvement. It took six months of regular yoga for me to touch my toes – but slow progress is still progress.

5) Be your own Oprah

A little bit of positive self-talk goes a long way, especially half-way up the imaginary incline in your spinning class. I like to put on my best cheesy Oprah voice and tell myself “if you BELIEVE, you can ACHIEVE.” You might want to do this in your head if you don’t want to look unhinged at the gym, but it works. You go, girl!

So there you have it – five definitely not expert tips! May your gym membership last beyond January 31…

Diary of a lazy girl #2: Fitbit Zip review

Fitness trackers are one of the year’s big health trends, and the Fitbit Zip is the perfect introduction.

The Zip is one of the cheapest trackers at around £45. It’s a small tamagotchi type device, which comes with a rubber clip so you can wear it under your clothes rather than flaunting a wristband.


Primarily the Zip is all about steps. It counts these and calculates mileage and calorie burn, based on your height and weight. There’s also an emoji which gets happier the more active you are.

You can sync your Zip to most newer mobile devices via Bluetooth. The free app is where the tracker comes into its own – showing you your performance over time and letting you enter challenges with Fitbit-owning friends. You can log food, exercise and water intake as with most fitness apps.


So why buy a tracker rather than use a free app? The beauty of a wearable is that it’s with you all the time, logging every step without relying on you taking your phone everywhere.

I’ve had my Zip for almost a year, and it’s definitely encouraged me to be more active. It’s small size, well-designed app and long battery life (6 months) all make the Fitbit Zip a great choice if you’re looking to take your first step into tracking.

Diary of a lazy girl #1

My name is Nina, and I’m an excercise-phobe. At least, I used to be. After a lifetime of not moving, I have finally put a foot on the path – or treadmill – to a fitter life.

It can seem like everyone else knows what they’re doing, and you’re the only one propping up your sofa night after night. I’m starting my diary of a lazy girl to chronicle my often sweaty and rarely graceful journey to a healthier me. Let’s get started.

All the gear and no idea

At the start of this year, I didn’t even own a pair of trainers. All I had in the way of sports gear was an old pair of capri pants which I would wear – with a t-shirt and smart shoes – to the occasional yoga class. The result? I felt stupid and out of place before I even got started.

The last thing you want to do when you’re trying to get fit is to buy a whole new wardrobe of expensive gear you might never wear. But there are a few staples you’ll need, and feeling like you look the part will give the initial confidence you need to try something new.

What you’ll need

Trainers – even if your chosen activity isn’t done with shoes on, rocking up to the pool or yoga studio in your sandals or work shoes is a crisis of confidence waiting to happen. If you don’t plan on running, you can go cheap on your trainers. If you’re going to run it’s a good idea to get fitted properly. Many places offer this for free, but your trainers won’t come cheap. You might want to give jogging a go before you splash out – from my experience, it’s not for everyone.

Sports bra – when you’re getting your sweat on and feeling like you’re going to have a heart attack, bouncing bazungas are a distraction you don’t need.

Sweat wicking leggings/capris – get a tight fitted, stretchy pair of trousers. You can wear these for any activity – they won’t flap around bike peddles or expose you in downward dog.

Sweat wicking t-shirt – an old, curry stained t-shirt does not a gym bunny make. Get a dark coloured stretchy t-shirt which will keep you feeling cool and won’t show sweat patches.

Hoodie/zip up – get something cheap and cheerful to wear to the gym or slip on if you’re running in the cold.

You can tailor your kit once you find the activities you enjoy, but these five items will do you for starters. So, now there are no excuses – time to get moving!