What to pack for a city break

Do you struggle with what to pack for a city break? I’m going to Madrid in a couple of weeks and I’ve been getting seriously stressed about it. At this time of year the weather is a bit mixed – getting warm during the day but cold at night and earlier in the morning. So, I planned out all of my outfits to give me lots of different options with just 20 items. FYI I’m away for four days and this all fits into a carry on case, with a little room for your non-clothes stuff. Here’s what I went for…

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Ditching the tan: why pale is interesting 

As summer rolls around again, every pale person’s obsession intensifies – tanning.

Although whiteness sadly still comes with a whole lot of privilege, being pale is not a good thing in the beauty industry. The ideal is a very narrow one, and the ideal is golden.

All skin tones are beautiful in their own way. Everyone has colours they look amazing in and their own unique look, which should be celebrated. But while I see people with darker skin celebrating it, it seems all fair skinned people want to do is change their skin tone.

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Wearing lipstick to the Co-Op

Although lipstick has become less of an everyday thing for me in the last year or so, I’m still a big believer in its power. It can make you feel ready for anything, finish a look and best of all, experimenting with it is great fun.

It goes without saying that no one should ever feel like they have to wear any type of make-up. But what I find sad is how often I hear people say that they’d like to wear lipstick, but that it’s ‘too much’, or they don’t go anywhere to warrant wearing it. Which is why I want to talk about wearing lipstick to the Co-Op.

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Spring style: the casual dress

It’s fair to say that I felt as uncomfortable posing for these photos as my other half did taking them (“just point it at me and press the button!”). I’m certainly no style blogger.

You might have noticed that I try to keep my ordinary person’s face off here and social media as much as possible. So why did I put all this aside to post about clothes?

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Made in Britain: Tatty Devine

British brand Tatty Devine first came to my attention as a teenager. Their plectrum jewellery appealed to me – the kid wearing a charity shop blazer and tie over a Franz Ferdinand t-shirt.

Tatty Devine have grown up a little since then (thankfully, so have I). But they still make handmade, playful jewellery, in their workshops in London and Kent.

There’s no doubt the brand is an acquired taste. But for every person who wouldn’t dream of wearing an oversized pink telephone round their neck, there’s a legion of Instagram super fans. 

Personally, I love the attention grabbing designs. They’re a guaranteed conversation starter, whether you’re just out shopping or meeting racing legend Nigel Mansell (true story).

My absolute favourite is the La Luna necklace – an oversized, pearlescent moon. It’s as subtle as it sounds, and a devil to photograph as it looks different in every light. Here’s a rubbish selfie of me wearing it.

What do you think to Tatty Devine? Would you go plastic fantastic?